Benefits Of Pool Automation

Swimming pools take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Not only do you have to make sure that your water is properly balanced, but you need to clean it and stay on top of the maintenance of your pipes, filters, and other pool equipment. While you and everyone else enjoys your pool, there are probably times you wish that someone, or something, else would just take care of the hardwork why you kick back and relax. Unless you hire someone to take care of your pool full time, or you hit the jackpot and somehow get a pool that doesn’t need maintenance, you’ll always have to perform some kind of pool maintenance. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Scottsdale, will go over some of the benefits of pool automation systems.


Saves Time And Money

Daily pool maintenance takes a lot of time to complete, especially when you have to check things like pool temperature and clean your pool filters. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone or something check these for you and make any changes your pool needs automatically? With pool automation systems, this wish can become a reality. Pool automation systems can turn on your pool lights, draw back your pool cover, or even help keep your pool clean with automatic pool cleaners. These pool automation systems can also make adjustments in order to run more efficiently, which can help you save money.

Keeps Your Water Safe

While it might not be regularly known, water can actually be harmful at times depending on what’s in it. If you use too much chlorine, anyone who gets in your pool may experience skin irritation, burning sensations, or other possible health issues. Without enough chlorine, your water could become the perfect home for algae and other things like to live in water, which can cause problems all their own. If you’re looking to keep your water safe for everyone, then pool automation systems are the perfect way to make sure that your water has the perfect amount of chlorine and other chemicals in it at all times.

Gives You Complete Control

If you’re one who likes to have complete control, or if you just want to make maintaining your pool easier, then a pool automation system is exactly what you need. Pool automation systems allow you to set your pool environment exactly how you want it. Set cleaning times, adjust your pool temperature, choose the color of your pool lights as well as when they turn on and off, and much more, all with a highly advanced system. If you go for the cutting edge computer system, you can even set your preferences and have your system automate the process for you.


If you’re looking for swimming pool automation in Scottsdale, then Pelican Bay Pools can help you install the perfect pool automation system for you. Learn more about our pool automation services, get to know our Scottsdale pool maintenance company, or contact Pelican Bay Pools to set up your pool inspection today.

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