If you have a swimming pool, it’s probably one of the first things you notice when you look out at your backyard. If it’s looking shabby or is totally unusable, it will simply be an eye-sore or needlessly be taking up space. In either situation, it’s time to remodel your pool. If you are in either of these situations, and if you are located in Glendale or Scottsdale, we strongly encourage you to contact the professional team of pool renovators at Pelican Bay Pool to get your pool repaired, resurfaced, or totally redesigned, depending on your particular situation and goals.

Our technicians have more than 25 years experience maintaining and repairing swimming pools. Rest assured that we can help you with whatever problems your pool may be having, as well as complete renovations beyond your expectations. Contact us today to schedule your pool renovation.

6 Benefits Of Getting Your Pool Renovated

Getting your pool remodeled can really transform the whole vibe of your landscape. What is more, there are some other significant benefits to getting your...


Just like everything else in and around your Scottsdale or Glendale home, your outdoor swimming pool ages and will eventually need some fixing up. One of the most important fix-ups that is needed from time to time for your swimming pool is resurfacing. Pool resurfacing is where you address all the cracks, stains, and leaks by replacing the surface of your pool. Due to years of heavy use, unbalanced pH levels, or sudden damage, a pool may require resurfacing. When that happens, you want a pool resurfacing company that is both affordable and reliable, which is why we encourage you to reach out to Pelican Bay Pools to get your pool resurfaced. Our team of trained technicians have more than 25 years of experience fixing and resurfacing swimming pools. We are confident you’ll love the final results. Call us to schedule your pool resurfacing today!


Broken pool? Hiring a pool repair company to fix your pool is likely necessary. But how do you decide which pool repair company to choose? This article explains some of the key factors that will help you differentiate between bad, good, and excellent pool companies.

Not to spoil the conclusion of this article, but if you want to learn about how Pelican Bay Pools LLC embodies the key characteristics of an excellent pool repair company, check out our about us page. You can also reach out to us by phone or email us to ask about what we can do to get your pool up to speed and in optimum working order. If you are in Glendale and are looking for top-of-the-line pool repair at an affordable price, you can’t do better than Pelican Bay Pools LLC.


It can reach temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Glendale. However, even if you have a pool you can use to cool off in, if it’s broken or unclean, you will have nowhere to go when the temperature inevitably spikes this summer. That’s why Pelican Bay Pools recommends regular pool maintenance and repair when necessary. Schedule your pool repair with us today!


Having a pool is a big dedication. Similar to owning a pet, you’ll need to constantly give your pool love and attention in order to make sure it’s happy and healthy. Over time, your pool’s surfacing may wear down, crack and break, or just need a little TLC in order to ensure that it’s operating as efficiently as possible. While pool resurfacing may sound like a long and drawn-out process, it can actually be done quite quickly and efficiently by an experienced pool resurfacing company. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Scottsdale, will be going over some of the benefits you can enjoy when you get professional pool resurfacing and pool maintenance.


Swimming pools take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Not only do you have to make sure that your water is properly balanced, but you need to clean it and stay on top of the maintenance of your pipes, filters, and other pool equipment. While you and everyone else enjoys your pool, there are probably times you wish that someone, or something, else would just take care of the hardwork why you kick back and relax. Unless you hire someone to take care of your pool full time, or you hit the jackpot and somehow get a pool that doesn’t need maintenance, you’ll always have to perform some kind of pool maintenance. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Scottsdale, will go over some of the benefits of pool automation systems.


Pools are some of the best ways to cool off in the summer and can also be a great way to stay warm in the colder months. They provide entertainment and relaxation for people of all ages — even pets can enjoy some pool time! A pool can be a great addition to just about any home, adding aesthetics and value to all kinds of environments. Unfortunately, though, there may come a time where you have to drain your pool, whether it’s for the changing of the seasons or for maintenance. If you aren’t familiar with draining your pool, the process can be difficult to do depending on your situation. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Scottsdale, will go over how to properly drain your pool.


Pools are absolutely great, especially here in Glendale and most of Arizona. Where most pool owners only use their pools in the warmer months, others decide to have their pools open all year. While you can go for the all-natural pool, most people who decide to keep their pools open all year round decide to install some kind of pool heater in order to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. Even if you’ve mastered cleaning and maintaining your pool, pool heaters are a completely different animal when it comes to maintenance and care. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool service company in Glendale, will go over some of the best ways to service your pool heater.


Summer is the best time for pool use, however, fall is right around the corner and with it comes added pool maintenance for everyone. Whether you have a standard chlorine pool or a salt water pool, you’ll need to take steps in order to protect, preserve, or repair your pool. Whether you’re repairing your pool or you’re trying to preserve your pool during the winter, you’ll need to perform some kind of maintenance on your pool in order to help it survive until next summer. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Glendale, will go over some of the fall pool maintenance that you should be doing to help keep your pool operating at 100% during autumn and winter.


Welcome to Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool service company in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here at Pelican Bay, we offer the best pool maintenance and pool remodeling services in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. We can also help with pool equipment installation and pool resurfacing. No matter what kind of pool services you need in Scottsdale, the experts at Pelican Bay Pools are ready to help you. Normally in our blogs, we’d be going over things like how to spot a leak in your pool or proper pool maintenance. However, in today’s blog, we thought we’d introduce ourselves a little as well as go over some of the world-class pool services we offer here at Pelican Bay Pools.

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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us and it happens to be the biggest bash of the year. If you should decide that you’re going to throw a huge party to ring in the New Year you should make this night memorable, you should prepare some fabulous do-it-yourself decorating ideas to dress up your party and make your pool sparkle. Even though it may be the wintertime, with the proper interior design decisions – and a keen eye towards safety – your New Year’s Eve pool party can be a smashing success for everyone!

If you have no idea how to decorate a pool for a New Years party, then you just need to remember to make everything shine. Sparkling table settings, star garland, golden balloons, spray painted bottles, champagne, let every bit of these shine bright! In order to have a nice New Year’s eve party, but also not break the bank, there are many Christmas ornaments that can be reused. You just need to give them some new year’s spirit. Take a look at these fabulous ideas together!

Every good party around a pool needs a few simple things to make it special; awesome decorations,...


In Phoenix, Arizona, we’re known for very hot temperatures during our summers. Let’s face it, it gets extremely hot, so hot that you could probably cook some eggs on your driveway in the morning. What most people outside the state of Arizona don’t realize is our temperatures drop at least 40 degrees once we get into late fall and into winter. When you’re used to 112 degree summer days for 4 months, once we get to October the temperatures drop to the 90s and then in November temps can fluctuate between the 70s and 60s. We really don’t have a gradual decrease that gets us used to colder weather. As a matter of fact, technically speaking, we have two seasons, hot and cold. There is no in between.