Decorating Your Pool For New Years In Phoenix

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us and it happens to be the biggest bash of the year. If you should decide that you’re going to throw a huge party to ring in the New Year you should make this night memorable, you should prepare some fabulous do-it-yourself decorating ideas to dress up your party and make your pool sparkle. Even though it may be the wintertime, with the proper interior design decisions – and a keen eye towards safety – your New Year’s Eve pool party can be a smashing success for everyone!

If you have no idea how to decorate a pool for a New Years party, then you just need to remember to make everything shine. Sparkling table settings, star garland, golden balloons, spray painted bottles, champagne, let every bit of these shine bright! In order to have a nice New Year’s eve party, but also not break the bank, there are many Christmas ornaments that can be reused. You just need to give them some new year’s spirit. Take a look at these fabulous ideas together!

Every good party around a pool needs a few simple things to make it special; awesome decorations, festive drinks, fun games and a few great friends and family. Create some fun decorations to get your guests in the spirit of the holiday. First thing you need to establish is a good lighting scheme. Why stick with plain white lights in your pool when you can make your pool pop! You are sure to “wow” your guests with Hayward ColorLogic pool lights. These amazing pool lights can light up the night with five fixed colors and over 1500 different light shows! It’s easy to install and sure to be a big hit.

GLI Chill Lites pool patio accent lighting for pools. If installing colored LED pool lights just doesn’t seem to fit your schedule or budget – get the next best thing GLI ChillLites! These lights float in your pool or you can easily set them up around your backyard. ChillLites come in the most exciting shapes and sizes, from round to cube there is sure to be a size that fits your outdoor pool and patio decorating needs! They even have a remote control! Imagine how great these portable pool and patio accent lights will look around your pool!

If you want to take your pool lighting to another level consider installing pool lighting. Pelican Bay Pools provides pool lighting and automation. Not only does pool lighting enhance your pool on New Years but all year long. Nothing beats swimming during a summer night or having guests over around the pool with lighting that accents your pool. You put a lot of money into building the pool or purchasing a home that already had a pool, why not show it off!

Arrange your chairs and tables along the side of the pool in such a way that there’s still enough room for people to comfortably and safely walk around the edge. Space each reclining chair about two to three feet apart in order to give your guests room to stand up and get off of the chair. Arrange normal plastic yard furniture around tables to give non-reclining and non-swimming guests a place to sit down and chat. Place a snack and drink table near the sitting tables, and ensure that a variety of appropriate snacks are available, such as meats, crackers and cheeses.

Another unique way to make your pool pop, may I suggest dying your pool water? Yes, this product is for real and is real simple to use. Party Pool pool dye comes in 3 great colors; Red, Green, or Blue. This product is non-toxic and safe for all swimmers! One 8oz bottle will treat a pool up to 40,000 gallons. Don’t worry the color only last 3-5 days, and then your filter will remove it.

Pool Party DrinksMega Chill pool beverage cooler, floating inflatable drink cooler

So your pool is looking fabulous and you’re really starting to get in the party spirit, now all you need are some great pool party drinks and appetizers! You don’t want your guests to get parched while they’re lounging and splashing around you pool! Introducing the Mega Chill floating pool cooler. This amazing inflatable cooler can hold up to 24 cans along with ice. The Mega Chill also boasts 5 cup holders on the side – and we know how much Americans like cup holders! Put all drinks in a cooler to keep them nice and cool. Plastic cups, in particular, are perfect for a pool party. Put similar snacks and drinks inside the home, including the living room, so that guests can sit in the house and away from the pool if they wish.

These are just some of the many ideas that can be utilized in creating a great pool party to ring in the new year. If you decide you want to explore pool lighting and automation please give our team a call. Pelican Bay Pools is your Glendale and Phoenix Arizona pool service expert. 623-825-7004 or visit us online.

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