Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

Summer is the best time for pool use, however, fall is right around the corner and with it comes added pool maintenance for everyone. Whether you have a standard chlorine pool or a salt water pool, you’ll need to take steps in order to protect, preserve, or repair your pool. Whether you’re repairing your pool or you’re trying to preserve your pool during the winter, you’ll need to perform some kind of maintenance on your pool in order to help it survive until next summer. In today’s blog, Pelican Bay Pools, the best pool maintenance company in Glendale, will go over some of the fall pool maintenance that you should be doing to help keep your pool operating at 100% during autumn and winter.


Pool Cleaning

Your pool will already need regular pool cleanings throughout the summer, but if you’re keeping your pool up and running the whole year, you’ll need increased pool cleaning in the autumn. Due to the time of the year, leaves will be falling, and if you have deciduous trees around your home, you’ll see a lot of leaves around your pool area. While fall foliage looks amazing, leaves can cause major problems for your pool as well as your pool area. Leaves that fall in your pool can allow algae to grow, eventually taking over your pool. Leaves that get stuck to the walls of your pool or your pool area can cause stains, and a lot of leaves all at once can cause problems for your pool filter as well as your pipes.

Regular pool cleaning in the fall will help keep your pool healthy and operating normally. You will also have to clean your skimmer baskets and other pool equipment more often as they will accumulate more debris than they would during the summer thanks to all of the added plant materials. Keeping your pool or spa covered when not in use is a great way to cut down on cleaning time, but if you plan on using your pool or hot tub during the autumn and winter then professional pool cleanings can help you save time and frustration.

Pool Filter Maintenance

Pool filters are often the unsung heroes of the pool. They work day in and day out to help keep our pools clean and healthy. They help prevent debris like leaves from allowing algae and fungi to grow in your pool. While checking your pool filter throughout the summer is highly advised, it’s nearly a necessity in the fall. With added plant matter and other debris finding its way into your pool, your filter will be working overtime when the fall comes. If you have a lot of deciduous trees around your home, it may be a good idea to check your pool filter once a week during the fall just to be sure everything is operating as it should be.

Cooler temperatures can also wreak havoc on your pool filter as well, and because temperatures can dip into the 40s and 50s at night during the fall and winter, it’s well advised to check your pool filter as often as possible. If you’re having trouble remembering to check your pool filter, or you’re unsure of how to care for and maintain your pool filter, then professional pool filter maintenance is an amazing service to help keep your pool happy and healthy during the cooler months.

Pool Heating

In the summer, your pool may be the only cool thing outside. However, in the fall and winter, you may face the opposite problem with your pool. That’s why getting a pool heater, especially if you want to use your pool year round, is a must here in Glendale. On average, temperatures can dip as low as 40 degrees at night during the autumn and winter months. While this may not be enough to freeze the surface of your pool, it can cause problems for your pool’s plumbing, motors, and other water features. It also wouldn’t be very fun to swim in without a way to heat up the water.

Covering your pool at night can help keep debris from falling in as well as helping to keep heating costs down in the colder months. Setting up a heating cycle for your pool is a great way to help keep your pool at a comfortable temperature for everyone. A pool heating cycle can also be used to help keep heating costs down. Rather than keeping your pool heater on at all times, a pool heating cycle will act similarly to your AC, adjusting your pool temperature as needed. This will keep your pool at a comfortable temperature when you want to use it and can help prevent damage to your pool filter and pool piping.


When you need professional pool maintenance in Glendale, then Pelican Bay Pools is the perfect company for you. Learn more about our Glendale pool services, get to know our Glendale pool maintenance company, or contact Pelican Bay Pools to schedule your professional pool services today.