Why Get Your Pool Resurfaced Before Summer

Just like everything else in and around your Scottsdale or Glendale home, your outdoor swimming pool ages and will eventually need some fixing up. One of the most important fix-ups that is needed from time to time for your swimming pool is resurfacing. Pool resurfacing is where you address all the cracks, stains, and leaks by replacing the surface of your pool. Due to years of heavy use, unbalanced pH levels, or sudden damage, a pool may require resurfacing. When that happens, you want a pool resurfacing company that is both affordable and reliable, which is why we encourage you to reach out to Pelican Bay Pools to get your pool resurfaced. Our team of trained technicians have more than 25 years of experience fixing and resurfacing swimming pools. We are confident you’ll love the final results. Call us to schedule your pool resurfacing today!

Why Would You Want To Get Your Pool Resurface?

If your pool is showing signs of wear, or is cracked or leaking, the best time to get your pool resurfaced is before the summer heat hits this year. This is because, by the time summer hits, you’re certainly going to want to have access to your pool to cool down. What are the benefits of resurfacing your pool? Here are the top four:


When your pool has cracks, it can lead to all sorts of contaminants, throwing off its chemical balance. When you get your pool resurfaced, it addresses this because it makes it easier to keep track of the chemical balance, helping you keep germs and bacteria at bay.


When your pool’s finish becomes pitted or damaged by excessive sunlight or chemical wear, it can cause the surface to become rough and unpleasant to touch. When your pool is uncomfortable, you are less likely to want to use it. Resurfacing your pool refinishes it with a smooth, pleasant feel.


Instead of having to buy a brand new pool due to extensive leaks or other issues, getting your pool resurfaced is a far more cost-effective way to solve the problem. A leaky pool also can lead to increased water bills, as it’ll constantly have to keep refilling, like a running tap going 24/7. Stop pouring money down the drain and get your pool resurfaced today!


If you plan on selling your home in the near future, a leaky or damaged pool is not going to improve the sales price of your home as much as if it were in like-new condition. Make more when you sell your home by ensuring that your pool’s surface is smooth and undamaged. The new owners will appreciate it, and so will your bank account!

5 Reasons To Get Your Pool Resurfaced Now

So, how do you tell if your pool needs resurfacing? Here are five situations where it is called for:


With wear and tear, pools can begin to get discolored. Stains can come from chemicals, minerals, or natural debris like leaves. The stain can also be algae, which will be green or red in color. If you have tried to clean away the stains but they just don’t seem to want to go away, it’s time to get your pool resurfaced.


When you see material coming off your pool, or when it feels rough and grainy, it’s a major sign that it’s time to resurface your pool. After years of use, unbalanced pH levels, or sudden damage, the surface of your pool may start to come apart. Left untreated, it will only continue to get worse. So when you see material coming off your pool, it is important to act promptly and get it resurfaced as soon as reasonably possible.


One of the most glaring signs it’s time to get your pool resurfaced is that it is leaking. The longer you wait to take care of a leaking pool, the more money it’s going to cost to get it repaired and resurfaced. So be sure to act as soon as you see a leak!


More than just a way to repair and maintain your swimming pool, pool resurfacing can also enhance the way your pool looks. If you want to implement a new style with unique colors, textures, or more, resurfacing your pool can transform a mediocre pool into a luxurious oasis where you can’t wait to spend your time.


As your pool needs to be drained before it can be resurfaced, it’s better to get it resurfaced while it’s still not the peak of summer so that maintenance is taken care of during a time when you’re not using your pool as much. Get it resurfaced before you need it most!

Premium Pool Resurfacing In Glendale & Scottsdale

As one of Glendale’s leading pool companies, Pelican Bay Pools offers the expertise you need to renovate your swimming pool. We offer upgrades and repairs on your pool’s decking, tile, coping, plaster, and equipment. The fact that we are available to work on your pool year-round means that, when summer comes around and you want to relax in your pool, you can rest assured that it’s in good working order. Call us today and request your free consultation!

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