As one of the best pool repair companies in Glendale, our experts can help with a wide variety of problems. Whether they’re basic repairs and maintenance, like pool tile cleaning, or much more complex, such as fixing tricky leaks and clogs, the professionals at Pelican Bay are ready to help. Our pool repair technicians are all highly trained and will be able to find and fix all kinds of problems that may be plaguing your pool.

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Get professional pool repair as well as other pool services in Glendale when you partner with Pelican Bay Pools. See below for some of the expert pool repair services we can provide for you, or contact us to answer any questions and to get a free quote.

  • Pool Automation Troubleshooting
  • Pool Filter Cleaning / Sand Change
  • Pool Filter Repair
  • Heater Repair and Installation
  • Fixing Electrical Issues
  • Pool Draining and Chemical Wash
  • Pool Lighting
  • Pool Pump and Motors
  • Pool Plumbing Leaks or Clogs
  • Pool Motors
  • Pop Up / Infloor Cleaning system / Pool Vacuums
  • Salt System Installation, Repairs and Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Light
  • Pool Tile Cleaning
  • Pool Timer Installation and Repair

Green Pool Cleanup Specialists

We’ve all let our pools go green at one point or another. If your chlorine level drops too low, it’s easy for algae to take over and give your pool that “green pond” look. Pelican Bay Pools is incredibly good at cleaning green pools. We will do whatever is necessary to make your pool water sparkle again. Sometimes it’s as simple as fixing the water chemistry in your pool, but if the algae has gotten out of control, our staff can perform a complete drain, acid-wash, surface sanitization, and refill process; quickly and effectively removing your algae problems.

Green pool gone… Crystal clear water and smiling swimmers return!

Pool Drain and Wash

If you have issues with your water chemistry or its been a few years since your pool has been drained give us a call. We will drain your pool and do a wash of the pool surface. Swimming pool needs to be clear and clean of debris or there will be additional charges.

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