Get Custom Swimming Pool Automation

If you like convenience and actually having time to use your swimming pool, then a custom pool automation system is just what you need. Here at Pelican Bay Pools, we can help you find, install, and set up the perfect pool automation system for your home’s swimming pool. Whether no matter what size pool you have or what kind of water you use, we can set you up with the best pool automation system for your needs. Keep reading to learn more about some of the pool maintenance we can help with, or contact us to set up your appointment today.

Pool Automation Installation/Set Up

While you may be a pro at pools, you might need a little help installing and setting up your new pool automation system. Here at Pelican Bay Pools, we can help install your preferred system, set it up, and help you understand how to use it.

Pool Automation Maintenance

Every now and then your pool automation system might not work as perfectly as it should. Our pool experts can come take a look at your system, helping to diagnose and fix any potential problems that might be causing issues.

Pool Equipment Installation

Do you have other pool equipment you need installed and set up? We can help install things like pool filters, new plumbing, pool heaters, pool motors, and much more! Our experts have worked with all kinds of equipment and pools.

Schedule Your Pool Inspection

If you’re ready to help make your pool more efficient and enjoyable for everyone, then be sure to contact Pelican Bay Pools to set up your pool inspection today.