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Swimming Pool Chemicals Only Service starting at $75 per month

If you want to clean your own pool, but don’t like the thought of storing the chemicals at your home, this is the service for you. Pelican Bay Pools will come to your pool, test your pool water, and add any chemicals needed to ensure your water will have the proper chemical balance. We will also turn the equipment on to check for proper performance. Balanced Chemicals = Happy Swimmers!

One-Time Pool Cleanups

Whether you are planning a backyard event and want a professional to clean your pool before the big event, your pool gets dirty after a storm or even if it gets green from algae, Pelican Bay Pools can come by and service your pool with a one-time cleanup. We’ll get it back in swimming condition as fast as possible, so you can be swimming in crystal clear water in no time at all…

Vacation Pool Maintenance

Heading out of town for a while? You can arrange to have Pelican Bay Pools come by and maintain your pool while you’re away. We’ll keep your pool chemicals properly adjusted and clean it regularly so that when you return home, you’ll come back to crystal clear pool water.

Schedule your pool cleaning

Green Pool Cleanup Specialists

We’ve all let our pools go green at one point or another. If your chlorine level drops too low, it’s easy for algae to take over and give your pool that “green pond” look. Pelican Bay Pools is incredibly good at cleaning green pools. We will do whatever is necessary to make your pool water sparkle again. Sometimes it’s as simple as fixing the water chemistry in your pool, but if the algae has gotten out of control, our staff can perform a complete drain, acid-wash, surface sanitization, and refill process; quickly and effectively removing your algae problems.

Green pool gone… Crystal clear water and smiling swimmers return!

Pool Drain and Wash

If you have issues with your water chemistry or its been a few years since your pool has been drained give us a call. We will drain your pool and do a wash of the pool surface. Swimming pool needs to be clear and clean of debris or there will be additional charges.