Pool Heater Service And Repair

Expert Pool Heater Service Repair and Replacement

Professionally installed and maintained pool heaters in a variety of system types, brands and sizes. We can outfit your pool with an appropriately sized model to heat your pool for years to come.

A swimming pool is a great asset for any home. To help maximize the value and enjoyment you get from your pool invest in a pool heater to keep your water temperature comfortable year round.

  • Use Your Pool Year Round
  • Get The Right Heater For Your Pool
  • Professional Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Several Brands, Systems, and Sizes

Professional Installation and Replacement

A heater is a complex and large piece of equipment that needs to be installed correctly for best results. Improper installation can also cause system damage. Let us take care of the install and setup of your next pool heater.

Repair and Maintenance

Just like the rest of your pool, taking care of your pool’s heater is crucial. We offer professional maintenance to keep your heater running smooth. We can also repair your heater if it isn’t running properly. Let us optimize your pool heater for best performance.

Pool Resurfacing

In order to keep your pool healthy and full of water, you’ll have to have it resurfaced every now and again. Pelican Bay Pools offers quick and efficient pool resurfacing services in Glendale to help keep your pool happy and healthy.

Schedule Your Pool Inspection

If you need pool draining or pool maintenance in Glendale, then we’re the perfect pool company for you. Contact Pelican Bay Pools to schedule your pool inspection today and see what we can do for you.

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