Pool Equipment Repairs in Glendale AZ

Pool equipment breaks. We can fix it. Through our network of trained pool technicians, Pelican Bay Pools can tackle any residential pool equipment repair you may need. We’ll need to talk through the repair issue you’re having, so please contact us using the information on the right. Once we fully understand the problem, we will provide you with a complete estimate. For some more details on our repair service, please read on…

Pool Equipment That We Service

If it is a part of your pool or spa, we can fix it. Here’s a list of the major items Pelican Bay Pools can repair for you:

  • Pumps and motors for all pools, spas, and water features
  • Plumbing leaks or clogs
  • Pool vacuums and in-floor cleaning systems
  • Gas or electric heaters
  • Pool timers, lighting and other electrical items
  • Pool start-up and draining
  • Acid washes
  • Pool filters (cartridge, sand and DE)
  • Tile cleaning
  • Salt Chlorinator system installation, cleaning, replacement

Preferred Pool Equipment Manufacturers

  • Pelican Bay Pools can service any manufactured pool equipment you have. But you have choices when it comes to the pool equipment you buy. Here are a few manufacturers that we use for pool replacement equipment:

    Contact us today with any questions or concerns regarding your swimming pool.

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