Hire the top-rated pool company for your pool maintenance

When you need your pool resurfaced or your pool deck repaired, make sure you partner with the best pool maintenance company in Phoenix at Pelican Bay Pools. We can offer numerous pool repair services, including pool remodeling and pool equipment installation. Keep reading to learn more about our professional pool services, or contact Pelican Bay Pools to schedule your pool resurfacing and pool deck repair.

Pool Resurfacing

When the surface of your pool becomes worn out, cracked, or broken, then it’s time for a professional pool resurfacing. The experts at Pelican Bay will come out to your property and help protect your pool with a brand new, high-quality pool surface.

Pool Deck Repair

Wear and tear will damage your pool deck, causing it to break down, crack, or even break apart. Repair your pool deck and restore your pool area to perfection with pool deck repair from Pelican Bay Pools.

Pool Repair

If your pool is cracked, breaking apart, or extremely worn out, it may be time for professional pool repair. Pelican Bay Pools can help with all kinds of pool repair, we can even help with pool renovations if you’re looking to get a new pool all together.

Set up your pool resurfacing or pool deck repair appointment today.

If you need professional pool maintenance, then be sure to partner with the best pool service company in Phoenix at Pelican Bay Pools. Contact us to set up your maintenance today.

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